"I am Dr Mahdi - a land healer, environmentalist, author and speaker. I consider myself a voice for nature and animals, and I am passionate about restoring the balance between people and the environment. There are so many practical things we can all be doing on a daily basis to help Mother Earth. Let me show you how!"



Property Healing

Does something in your house, or on your land, just not feel right? Do you always seem to have bad luck there? Maybe you often find yourself being in a bad mood or having arguments with people when you hang out there, or perhaps you notice strange happenings around your home? 

All of these are signs that your property is in need of a healing. It could be underground water, negative ley lines, electromagnetic energy or psychic energy that needs to be cleansed and healed (to name a few causes). When we live on a property in need of a healing, it affects our health and happiness. We can become sad and sick from simply residing in that negative space.

Luckily, there is something you can do about it! You can book a property healing session with me. All sessions are done remotely (which means you don't even need to tidy the house) and afterwards I supply you with a complete written report detailing what was healed, and a phone consultation to talk you through it (although, this is completely optional - some people just don't like talking on the phone which I understand).

All I need from you is your address and a rough layout of inside any buildings (a mud map is fine). Property healings are also suitable for offices, hotels, hospitals, aged care facilities and, well, really anywhere. To learn more or to book a session, click here


What people have said about Dr Mahdi's property healing sessions

I don’t know how to describe Mahdi’s gift and what she has done for me, but it is profound! I’m so taken by her work that I have had her heal my other properties as well, and referred her to my friends.
— Carren Smith - Speaking personality, business coach and mentor.
Instantly, I felt like all our windows and doors had been open wide and a giant whoosh of fresh beach air had sailed through and cleaned the whole place out. It was light. It was fresh and certainly more inviting. It even made out plants grow better!
— Heidi Hosking - The Healthy Caterpillar
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