Animal Assisted Therapy

When I first mentioned the term ‘animal assisted therapy’ to my boyfriend, he smirked at me as if I was making some kind of sexual innuendo. It’s actually a real thing though and it benefits many people. There are even formal courses you can take to become qualified animal assisted therapists. I was lucky enough to complete a graduate certificate in it last year.

If you haven’t heard about it, animal assisted therapy is therapy for humans with the help of animals. You may have seen news articles on dogs who visit people in hospital (with handlers of course) or horses that assist disabled children in their development when ridden. These are examples of animal assisted therapy. Most people know that animals have a way of making you feel wonderful but are not sure why. Animal assisted therapy theory delves into the science behind why that is. My interest though, lies more in the metaphysical reasons for it.

My two beautiful dogs.

My two beautiful dogs.

Animals are high vibrational beings. This means that they hold a lot of energy and operate at a high energy state. When you are around things of higher energy, your energy levels rise also. I liken it to sitting in the sunshine on a cold winter’s day – when you are cold, your energy levels are low and it’s hard to feel great, but when you bask in the sunshine, you get warmer, your energy levels rise and you feel better. In short, animals literally pick you up and make you feel better.

It should be noted that the energy states of animals can drop too. If they have been mistreated or are afraid, for example, their energy levels will not be as high as animals who are happily doing their thing in the wild or those who come from a loving home. So when I refer to animals for the purposes of assisted therapy, I am referring to happy animals who are happy to be around you also.
Another common animal trait that helps people feel good is their tendency to accept us. They generally don’t judge you and they don’t try and change you. When you are accepted, your energy field can expand allowing you to be more ‘you’. This, in turn, also allows you to increase your energy levels, feel happier, and reach a higher state of consciousness.

So there really is more to being around animals than meets the eye. I hope that one day, they are appreciated and respected by people worldwide as they really do a lot for us. I have two therapists who live with me (below). They have helped me get through a lot and I can’t wait to go home and see them every day.