The Smiling Healer

It may sound a little crazy, but smiling actually makes you a better healer. I learnt this during a meditation I did recently where a jolly Indian man turned up and told me I needed to loosen up. He did it with a smile of course. I immediately knew that what he was saying was true as he had so much warmth and wisdom about him that I wanted to befriend him on the spot. 

The fact is that smiling automatically makes you less rigid and this, in turn, allows the energy to flow through you more freely. The more freely the energy can flow, the more healing energy you can pass on to your client (whether it be human, animal or nature). Try it while you are reading this. Feel better? It’s amazing how simple but effective it is.

Conducting healings can be a bit nerve wracking. You may worry that you aren’t doing something right or that your client isn’t feeling anything etc. These nerves restrict your energy flow. Whenever these feelings arise, try greeting them with a smile and watch how they subside. Smiling might just be your best healing tool!