5 Ways to Instantly Empower Yourself when You are Feeling Down

I like the thought of everyone being empowered. Not just because there would be plenty more happy people around - thus making my days brighter - but also because it is good for the planet. Empowered people are positive people, and positive people want to do good in the world. They are also kinder to the environment.

There are many different things we can do to empower ourselves but here are the five quickest ways I have found to pick me up when I am down:

1.       Be authentic.

Just say what you think and do what you want. It’s not hard. If there's something you need to get off your chest, make the effort to do so. The second we are not authentic, we suppress the energy flow around our bodies and that weakens our power. It also makes us feel yukky because we know we haven’t been true to ourselves.

2.       Do something kind for yourself.

Do something that you know is good for you. It could be having a rest if you are tired, eating something healthy, doing some exercise, meditating or anything else that will benefit you.

3.       Instead of focusing on what is bringing you down, imagine the best possible outcome.

Spend your energy on something that is actually going to serve you. Focusing on problems just make them bigger problems. We all have the power to create the futures we desire but we have to first spend the time creating them.

4.       Go and spend 10 minutes in nature.

I always harp on about this, but that is because it works. It instantly calms you down and puts everything into perspective. In nature, you can see that everything is in perfect synchronicity and that everything works out fine. Mother nature is the world’s best healer, and best of all, she doesn’t charge a cent!

5.       Listen to a song that inspires you.

Generally these songs will be pretty daggy. But that’s how you know you are onto a winner. My go-to song is the instrumental from Top Gun. Yeah it is full of 80s guitar riffs, and yeah Tom Cruise is in that movie, but I don’t care. It does something to me man. (I understand if this means you can no longer follow Mahdi Earth…) When I hear it, I can imagine myself overcoming any obstacle.

                                                   Image: deviantart.com

                                                   Image: deviantart.com

One of my friends’ song choices is ‘Born to Shine’ by Vanessa Amorosi. I would like to think that her song is worse than mine, but I’m sure she would beg to differ.

Do you have any tips on how to instantly empower yourself? How about any embarrassing songs that lift you up?