Why I Can't Stand To Be Around You

Don’t take this the wrong way but even if we haven’t met, I most likely couldn’t stand to be around you for very long. It’s not just you, it’s nearly everybody, including my family and closest friends. You see, I am very sensitive to energies and when I am with people, I am bombarded with sensory information.

It can all get to be very overwhelming.

The way I feel in the company of others has nothing to do with whether someone is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ or whether I like them or not. It’s more just an uncomfortable feeling which I liken to what a deaf person would feel like if someone blasted heavy metal music out of a speaker right next them. They would most likely sense that something unpleasant was happening around them, which in turn would make them feel uneasy, but it wouldn’t actually physically do them harm.

(Please note that I have never asked a deaf person if there is any accuracy in the aforementioned sensation. They may very well tell me it’s a stupid analogy.)

Another thing that happens when I am around people is that I will pick up on the way they are feeling and start to feel the same myself. I am also supersensitive to noise, wind and light so I will get really annoyed (almost instantly) at little things like people tapping, loud talkers, loud motorbikes, people eating fruit near me (it makes sex noises doncha know?!) or electronic hand dryers in toilets. In addition, I can’t sleep unless it’s completely dark (which drives Quizerious crazy).

To those around me, I simply seem like I have ants in my pants – never staying in the same place for more than half an hour at a time. The truth is that I just can’t handle the sensory overload. Never staying in the same place for long has always been just one of my coping strategies. I have also utilised:

·         Coffee (which pumps me up so much from the inside that I can’t take on too much from the outside)

·         Alcohol (never attending social situations without it)

·         Keeping busy (well actually, overloading myself with things to do. This strategy places a lot of stress on me and I have broken down numerous times from doing it)

The strategies above, while effective, are not the healthiest ways of dealing with overwhelming energies. The good news is that there are also healthy some ways to deal with oversensitivity. They include:

·         Consciously blocking energies when needed. This one takes a bit of training but it’s doable.

·         Taking the time to relax in nature - fresh air, open spaces and no one else around. Need I say more?

·         Taking down barriers and completely relaxing around people if you feel they are okay to do so with. This means you don’t have to ‘escape’ from absolutely everyone after a short time with them.

It took me a really long time to understand this my super sensitivity and why I naturally act the way I do. Knowing what it is now allows me to discern what is my shit and what is other people’s. That generally helps me to feel less batshit crazy and have some control over the way I respond to certain situations.

Hopefully by me sharing this, some other people will have light bulb moments and realise that they are really sensitive too. If so, I hope you are finally able to find some peace with use of the information in this post. Being sensitive is a tough gig in this world!

Are you super sensitive? What are your coping mechanisms?