What Medicine Do You Carry for Others?


Often when we think about what we have to offer others who are going through a tough time, we assume that we don’t have much. That’s not true though. We all have a bucket load of material to help the people who are in need. Life experiences, lessons, what we have had to overcome our own personal struggles - these are our medicine and we can share them with whomever we wish.

Every time we personally experience emotional pain and then overcome it, we gain the wisdom of how to successfully deal with that particular problem. Then, if someone else faces a similar situation and is unsure how to deal with it, we can offer them some advice that can help them to feel better.

We can help them to heal. We are healers if we choose to be. Every single one of us.

If you think back of all the really challenging times you have had in your life and what inspiration you can pass on to others through what you had gone thru, you will start to realise that you actually carry a lot of medicine. (Special and unique medicine at hand!) You, my friend, are a walking prescription pad!

That also means that every time you experience hard times in the future, you can understand that, as terrible as it may seem, there will still be some benefit to come from it. That pretty much goes for everything but hangovers. Why do we never learn that lesson?!

It’s important to remember that although we might have the right medicine for a problem, we shouldn’t really force it on people. It is okay to offer advice if asked, but it should never be forced on anyone. And if people don’t take our advice, that needs to be perfectly okay too. Everyone should be free to live their life the way that they choose….

There are many forms of medicine on our planet which you won’t find in a pharmacy. So much that we don’t recognise, appreciate or put to use. Shamans, for example, rely on medicine found in nature such as plants and stones. They call upon the energy and wisdom of these when they conduct their healing sessions. (And there would be plenty of people who vouch for their effectiveness too!)

Do you know what medicine you carry? Have you helped others with it?