How does being yourself possibly heal the world?

No doubt the ‘heal the world by being you’ subheading I have for Mahdi Earth makes many of you think I am off with the fairies and live in a perfect world filled with sunshine and lollipops. Man, I would love to. Fact is though, I’m not. I have a day job where I work in an office, follow the herd of sheep at peak hour on and off the train each day and generally day dream about being on holidays most of the time I am in my office.

I came to realise the significance of being yourself and how it impacts the health of the world after studying many different spiritual teachings over the years. Being yourself means being the most authentic version of yourself. The version that has forgotten about all the bullshit we pick up in the western world, like keeping up with the latest trends, or caring what that barista in the café down the road thinks of you, or getting involved with gossip. Being yourself means being light hearted, doing the things YOU love, laughing freely and feeling alive. It’s being the most powerful version of yourself.

How does this heal the world? Energy my dear Watson. The truer you are to yourself, the higher your vibration. The higher your vibration, the more positive impact you have on the space around you. Instead of sucking energy from your environment, you increase the level of it. Although only directly impacting a relatively small area in your vicinity, it still lifts the vibration of the entire planet by a little bit. Now, imagine if everyone made an effort to be themselves more – the impact would be phenomenal. Actually, it’s amazing how just one person being themselves and shining their light naturally inspires others to do it.

Often we get so caught up in the bullshit that we actually can’t remember who our real self is. This is why I developed the ‘Grow Your Essence’ tips. In short, they are little activities that help remind you who you are so that you can become strong again and enjoy life. But my list of suggestions are not the be-all and end-all.

Do you have any advice on how people can become their real selves again?