When being happy is more important than following the spiritual rules

I've never been very fond of rules. It doesn’t matter what they are rules for, or whether they are actually good rules to have in place, I just feel the urge to break them. Maybe it’s because I don’t really like being told what to do by anyone, or maybe I just like to be free and do my own thing. My numerology life path number is five and we are notorious for such things (I’m also a Taurus so mix this free spirit with an exceptionally strong will and you have me). I've never had to manage another number five but can’t imagine it’s an easy task for anyone. I acknowledge all the shit my parents went through raising me.

Instead of following rules all the time, I tend to lead more with my heart. It’s the thing that makes me the most happy and I trust it to know whether something is the right or wrong thing to do in a situation over any dumb rule some random person, sitting in an office somewhere has made up. I recently completed a shamanism course in Chile with the Four Winds Society (which I’d highly recommend) and they taught us that shamans act ethically, not morally. In other words, they act in the best interests of all living things, not just by the rules of the society in which they are based. This really resonated with me and I’m going to steal the term for future use.

Having been a serious spiritual workshop/course/expo/class/group attendee for most of my adult life (to the point of all my friends and family rolling their eyes every time I told them I couldn’t attend something because I had another spiritual course on), I have heard a million spiritual rules that you ‘need to follow if you are serious about growing your consciousness’, which in most cases, could be rephrased as ‘you need to follow all of these rules if you want to be as good as me’. You know the ones? You MUST meditate for 60 minutes a day and no less. Or, you can’t leave the house until you have put a shield of white light around you. Or, you MUST do yoga every day. No sweets. No gluten. No caffeine. And the mother of all spiritual rules – NO ALCOHOL. So many frigging rules!

I understand that most of the rules actually exist for good reason and do help you along your spiritual path. I follow a lot of them most of the time. I just think it’s important to remember that we are all human. We have human cravings and human pressures and sometimes we just need to deal with things in a human way. To live any other way would be to deny our true nature. Yes, we are all spiritual beings, but we are here to have the human experience don’t forget. We need to do the things that fulfill our human needs, as well as our spiritual needs. If we don’t do that, we become unbalanced.

Forcing ourselves to follow the spiritual rules when we actually feel like doing something else can be just as damaging to the soul as having never followed the rules at all. We need to listen to ourselves and do what makes us happy in the moment. Oh, and not feel guilty about it! (That's self destructive also.) When we are happy, our entire vibration lifts, our consciousness expands and our awareness increases. Pretty much all the things we hope to achieve by following the spiritual rules.

So next time you are hard on yourself for not spending enough hours on your meditation cushion, or you go out for a glass of wine with friends instead of doing your daily breathing exercises, don’t be so hard on yourself. Your spirit will probably thank you for doing something to make yourself happy!

Have you ever broken the spiritual rules to make yourself happy?