To Help is to Heal

Does the term ‘healing’ turn you off? Chances are, if you are not spiritually inclined, it will. My partner, henceforth known as Quizerious, has a complete aversion to the word. He says that it inherently suggests that there is something ‘wrong’ with people in the first place and that they ‘need to be fixed’. I tend to agree with him on that as I believe there is nothing wrong with anyone, but I have no problem with using the word ‘heal’.

Perhaps it is because I see healing as anything that helps to remove things which don't make people (or any other living creature) feel good. These things could be emotional, physical, intellectual or energetic. Therefore, there are so many different ways of removing them and tools which could be classed as healing methods .

The following list of examples all heal in some way:

·         Diet

·         Nature

·         Exercise

·         Massage

·         Acupuncture

·         Counselling and psychology

·         Friends and family

·         Pets and animals

·         Health professionals

·         Rest

·         Yoga

·         Energetic healers

And there are plenty more.

I consider myself a healer on many different levels. Yes, I have undergone plenty of energetic healing training and am an energetic healing practitioner, but I also facilitate healing in my office coworkers, my family, my friends, my romantic relationship and even in strangers. No doubt you do too. We help people to laugh when they are down, to see the positives in situations and we listen when they need to get something out. Well, most of the time anyway...

Maybe words just don’t mean as much to me as they do to others. I find language a subjective description of reality. What means something to me will mean something different to you. In my opinion, words don’t do the wonder of life and the universe justice. Some things just need to be observed and experienced, rather than labelled and pigeon holed. Plus, language is always evolving and changing.

Or maybe I have just told myself this because I am too lazy to study or utilise language properly….

I personally think the term ‘healing’ can be interchanged with many other words, so use whichever you feel most comfortable with. The main thing is that we help ourselves and others in times of need. Anyway, the word heal will NEVER be as bad as the word ‘moist’!

Yeah, no thanks!!!

Yeah, no thanks!!!

Do you hate the word heal?

Do you have any special healing qualities?