Be Over 30 and Dance Like an Idiot

Who doesn’t love a good dance? To me, it’s a sign of a good night. No one can deny that it’s good for the soul, so why aren’t we doing it more? I know life can get in the way – having kids, trying to save money, having to be around young dickheads who frequent bars these days, an increase in the importance of comfort (which trumps dressing up and heading out). But we’ve got to make having fun a priority, otherwise life can suck.

You don’t have to drink to have fun either (so you can take that one off your excuse list). It really only takes one song to get over the awkward feeling and start enjoying yourself. Even if you have no rhythm or coordination (I myself, have been likened to Tina Turner on heroin, Elaine from Seinfeld and my Mum. There’s nothing at all wrong with my Mum’s dancing by the way - it’s quite good for people of her generation. But when someone told me I danced like her, I was only 20 and single. Needless to say, I wasn’t picking up that night), dancing will still make you feel good.


The act of dancing is good for you physically, emotionally and spiritually because it increases the amount of energy moving throughout your entire energy field. When your energy levels are higher, you can move and release things that would otherwise be stuck in either your physical or energetic bodies. Think of it like having leaches attached to you and then standing close to a flame – the extra heat becomes too uncomfortable for the leaches and they jump off. Then you start to feel great.

If I’m heading out, a good dance location has to have the following for me:

·         Not too many people, but not dead. Just the right number of people ensure that I will have enough room on the dancefloor to move, it won’t be too hot, I can talk to my friends and the toilet and drink lines won’t be too long;

·         A good variety of music starting from the 70s;

·         A DJ who is willing to take requests from women who appear to have no shame; and

·         Easy access to public transport or taxis.

You may even like to dance around poles like my friends in this photo. They love it!

You may even like to dance around poles like my friends in this photo. They love it!

Let’s not forget that you don’t have to go out to dance too. You can dance in your lounge room to your stereo or your favourite music channel on TV. If you have to share a house with people that you don’t feel comfortable dancing in front of (or who you simply don’t want to know you are dancing at that point and time), take it to the bedroom with your iPod and headphones.

You can even dance in the car if you have the skill to master shoulder dancing like I have. (There’s actually a wider range of moves than you would expect.)

Now, as Madonna would say ‘Get on out there and dance!’

Where are your favourite places to dance?