Bumface Braxton

One day I am going to write a book for tweens with a character named Bumface Braxton. Besides having unfortunate facial features and caring about the environment, I don’t know much else about Bumface yet. To be honest, I don’t care. All I know is that the thought of this character makes me feel good.

It may be immature, but honestly, who wants to be mature? Mature is boring. And unsatisfying. I miss having fun all the time. In fact, my resolution for this year is to giggle more. I plan on taking advantage of every fart I overhear in public at an inopportune moment (not mine obviously – I’m a lady…. Okay, mine too), and every dress bottom I see flapping out of a car door while the driver drives around oblivious.

Bumface Braxton, to me, represents the quintessential young person having fun. The one that all of us left behind when we got a ‘real job’.

Why did we all have to become so serious?

Laughing is good for us. Being joyous is soul fulfilling. So why not make the most of the cheap laughs available to us in everyday life? And with the internet these days, hilarious clips, no matter what your sense of humour are just a click away. 

I know there is a point where we shouldn’t laugh, like when someone breaks their neck or something. So I have developed a giggling code of ethics.

Mahdi’s Giggle Code of Ethics:

1.       It’s okay to laugh at a good friend or family member’s misfortune. The closer you are, the more you can laugh. Laughing in their face is best.

2.       Laughing at a stranger’s misfortune is okay if: a) you can imagine the same thing happening to you (I always laugh at people stacking it because I am so clumsy); b) they don’t hurt themselves; and c) the incident won’t cost them a lot of money. However, and this is a big one - NEVER LAUGH IF THE STRANGER THEMSELVES ISN’T AT LEAST SMILING!

3.       Never laugh at anything while going through airport security. It is a humour free zone. And for god’s sake, don’t joke about having a bomb. Besides the fact that it really isn’t a funny joke, it will land you in some serious shit.

4.       It’s okay to laugh at anything relating to toilets and flatulence.

5.       Laughing at your own jokes more than anyone else on a regular basis makes you a knob.

6.       Be wary of people who genuinely find shows like Three and a Half Men and Big Bang Theory funny.

7.       All practical jokes are wonderful unless the person on the receiving end can’t take it.

8.       There is no limit to the amount of thought and resources that should go into a practical joke.

9.       Never delete photographic evidence of a friend or family member doing something stupid.

10.   Sporadically remind friends or family members that you haven’t forgotten about the silly things they have done that have made you laugh. For the rest of their lives.

What are your tips for keeping up the giggles?