Three Months of Big, Fat and Lazy!

Hi everyone out there! It has been a while! Usually if I haven’t written for a bit, it’s been because I have had too many other commitments on. I have always been someone who has 10 projects on the go, on top of my day job. That hasn’t been the case this time around though.

This time, I’ve simply chosen to be lazy. And it feels SO GOOD! I’ve spent hours on the couch, watching shitty day time TV. I’ve eaten chocolate and drunk wine to excess, and I’ve scrolled the internet in the sequence of: news, weather, emails, Facebook and Instagram on average every waking hour.

The thought of writing anything has, quite frankly, made me feel exhausted. I have major projects lined up and ready to go, but they haven’t had a look in either. The only thing that has really inspired me to get off the couch is the contents of the fridge (oh, and going to buy a new couch – the old one wasn’t comfortable enough).

Why am I telling you all of this? Because rest and rejuvenation are key teachings of Mother Earth (and if you haven't noticed, I think she's a bit of alright). As our mother, she wants us all to stop and do nothing for more than a day, every now and again. It’s the only way to fully restore our energy and sustain our crazy, busy lives.

Mother Earth does nothing but sit still, hold her power and allow things to be. She is the ultimate divine feminine energy. She does not chase after things, force change or work herself to the point of exhaustion. Those are masculine traits.

In being still and retaining her energy, Mother Earth is able to continually give to all of her children – all living things. She gives us life and love, and she is always there for us to go back to for rejuvenation. Mother Earth looks after herself to ensure she can look after us.

I’m not really sure when I’ll finish being lazy this time. Perhaps it will be tomorrow, perhaps next year. All I know is that I’m not going to feel guilty about it. Guilt is too much of a waste of energy, and I’m feeling way too lazy for that right now!

Are you feeling the urge to take up residence on the couch? Have you ever allowed yourself to do it in the past?