Pay it just a little attention and watch it grow

I’m talking about wood people! ...........And creeks......and animals, and, well, all of nature really. Today, I would like to discuss how simply paying attention to living things in the environment can help them to grow and expand. “But how?!” you ask. Well, as per most of my spiritual ramblings, it comes down to simple energy.

It’s like this..... when you pay something attention, you actually give it energy. More energy means more ability to expand. When the attention you give something is of the loving or gracious kind, the energy comes from an unlimited source. Meaning, it doesn’t deplete your own energy stocks. In other words, it costs you nothing to send something positive energy, so you may as well do it. If, on the other hand, you give something some sort of negative attention, it will draw energy from your own energy bank and will start to wear you down. 

It’s the same with people. You know when you have an argument with your partner and you want them to react to something you say? You’re actually wanting their attention, which is their energy. Of course, me and my partner never have such quarrels because I am so wise and all (that is utter bullshit – we argue the same as any other couple. Mainly because he is still trying to pretend I am not right all the time).

I don’t mean you have to talk to plants as some people like to do (people I used to think were crazy), but attention is attention. Whether it’s talking to something, touching it, looking at it or thinking about it. It all sends energy to whatever you are focusing on. So, you know, do whatever works for you.

I like to simply appreciate the things in nature I see when I'm going for a walk. It could be a pretty bird flying past, or a lizard sunning itself on a rock. It’s habit now. It also helps me to be more present because of instead of getting caught up in my thoughts, I pay attention to what’s going on around me in the present moment.

Paying attention to something in nature and appreciating it is such an easy thing to do. It’s also free, barely takes any time at all and you can pretty much do it anywhere. Even in the middle of the city, there are plants and birds to admire. Therefore, there’s no excuse not to do it at least every now and again.

The best part is that the planet benefits in numerous ways when people begin to acknowledge all of the beautiful, natural things it has to offer. The more people appreciate the environment, the more they want to protect it. That desire to protect then turns into environmental protection regulation and sustainable innovation - change on a societal level which is huge! So let's get to it!

Have you seen anything cool in nature lately?