Wind getting you down?

Yesterday was the first windy day of the cold season in Brisbane. As much as I like to embrace all things in nature, I must admit that I’m naturally inclined to get just that little bit touchy when it’s blowing a gale outside. By touchy, I mean cranky. And judging by all of the carpark rage and unhappy faces at the shopping centre I visited yesterday, I don’t think I’m the only one.

I guess it’s understandable that blustery weather has the ability to put us all on edge. I mean, it is physically unpleasant to walk around in outside. Plus, if you’re one who spends a lot of time on your appearance (which I am not, luckily, due to my limited attention span), you can have all your efforts go to waste in a matter of seconds from one single gust. On another note, wind can make you uptight because it puts your body is in a constant state of alertness, making sure all the crazy noises and things being blown around you are not actually going to kill you. This alertness corresponds with stress levels and we all know how stress can bring out the worst in us.

I’ve probably already focussed on the negative side of wind enough already, but I can’t help myself….. I need to get it out…….. I also don’t like how the wind makes your skin dry because I already have pale skin and the only thing less sexy than pale, white legs, are pale, white, dry and scaly legs. Lastly, the wind bugs me because of all the electronic shocks you get when you get out of your car. The end.

Okay, that’s my little whinge over and done with. Now I can discuss the positive side of wind. These are the things I remind myself when I start to go on my usual complain campaign:

  • The wind physically moves things along. It clears spaces of the old and creates space for the new. Leaves and debris are swept away, trees are knocked over and sand/soil is re-distributed. It makes things new and different. Even the energy fields of living things are given a clean (that includes us! Pretty good for not having to do anything but stand in a breezy spot, huh?!);
  • Wind is a great source of renewable energy for the planet; 
  • Wind increases the amount of energy in the air which means, things can be changed with more ease. That means it is actually a good time to tackle a project you have been putting off. The extra energy around you will help you to achieve your goals; 
  • Many indigenous cultures believe that the wind is actually our ancestors blowing us their wisdom which is pretty cool. Who doesn’t need more wisdom, right?!; and
  • Wind can be great for warming up the blankets on a cold winter's night. Oh, wrong wind sorry...

Is there anything you love about gusty weather?