5 Tricks to Get More Out of Your Time In Nature

I so often talk about how beneficial it is for you to spend time in nature – physically, mentally and spiritually – so I won’t bang on about it again today. It’s true that simply being in nature, without even trying to do anything, does wonders for you. Although, given we are all so time poor these days, I would like to help you out with some tips on how you can get the most out of each visit.

It’s incredibly easy, really - all you need to do is take notice of each of your senses. So, my top five suggestions to get more out of your time in nature are to:

1.       Take notice of what you can see.

You could try taking notice of how many different plant species are around, or how many insects you can spot. You could make an effort to notice of how tall the trees are around you, or the slope of the land.

So often, we look around without actually taking notice of what’s in front of us. By stopping and making an effort to really take in everything around us, we give ourselves the chance to appreciate how incredibly stunning the environment is.

2.       Take notice of what you can hear.

It could be birds singing, grass rustling, waves crashing or dogs barking. There’s always some sort of sound to take notice of, and remind you how much is actually happening around you at any given moment.

3.       Take notice of what you can feel.

My favourite thing to feel in nature is the wind on my skin but you could also take notice of the warmth of the sun, the rain landing on you, or the feeling of the ground beneath your feet. Given how diverse nature is, there's a billion things to go and feel.

4.       Take notice of what you can smell.

Right now, it’s spring for us in the southern hemisphere so we have so many beautiful flowers to smell. No matter what the season though, there are always different things to smell. Whether it be grasses, leaves, the ocean, or even less desirable things such as a nearby dead animal or dog poo. Nature provides us with a complete range of smells from the good to the bad. 

Using your sense of smell is just one more way of keeping you in the present moment.

5.       Take notice of your sense of the invisible.

Yes, logically this fifth point would be to take notice of your sense of taste, but I’m not going to suggest you eat dirt, or try and taste the leftovers in your teeth from lunch. Being in nature is a perfect time to take notice of your sixth sense - you are relaxed, have limited distractions and in the presence of many positive energies.

Make an effort to notice what you can sense around you in the metaphysical world. Can you feel the elementals? The traditional custodians of the land? Your spirit guides? Can you connect to the trees or the animals around you? Nature is just as abundant with unseen energies as it is with the visible ones.

All of these tips are so flippin’ easy that you could be tricked into thinking they aren’t worth the effort. Give them a go though - you will be amazed at the results!

Do you have any tips on making the most out of your time in nature?