As if you'd be an earth healer!

I have been surrounded by people who care much less about nature than I do for most of my life, so I’m mindful that many people may not as drawn to earth healing as I am. In the corporate world, I am often criticised for being a ‘tree hugger’, ‘hippie’ or ‘greenie’. On the social front, many of my friends won’t go anywhere near the great outdoors, instead opting for fashion outlets and city engagements. But earth healing really has something for everyone, whether they are interested in healing and the environment, or not.

Why would anyone want to be an earth healer if they don’t really care about the planet?

The short answer to this is because it benefits the healer individually. Below is a list of personal benefits one receives from conducting earth healing sessions:

·         An increase in personal power

·         Feeling more like yourself than you probably have in a long time

·         More freedom and willingness to laugh

·         An expansion of conscious awareness

·         More balance between the mind and the heart

·         The ability to be more optimistic about the future

·         Less attachment to the things that bring you down

For those of us who need less convincing, earth healing is also great because the benefits extend to animals and the environment. Not to mention it being free AND simple to conduct.

In summary, earth healing is good for all and you should try it!!

Is there a particular benefit of earth healing you would like to know more about?