How My Three Day Fast Helped the Planet

I have just finished doing a three day fast for the purpose of detoxing. It was a ‘water only’ fast, but I did cheat but having a few herbal teas and one coffee (I was driving a long distance and didn’t want to fall asleep. Funny thing was, I almost felt like I got a hangover from that coffee so I won’t be doing that again in a fast). I'm still pretty proud of my achievement though. 

I did the fast to give my body a chance to get rid of some of the old, built up toxins that it never usually gets a chance to release. When we are constantly putting food into our bodies, all of our energy goes into processing that, rather than working on the stuff that’s been lying dormant.

The detox was tremendously beneficial for myself, and it also had a positive impact on the rest of the world. Here’s how:

1.       By the end of it, I felt more clear-headed and able to focus on the big picture.

This meant that instead of focusing on my own, everyday issues, I was able to see outside of myself and think about what was happening at the community, country and international levels. I was also able to think about how I could help those problems in my own way. That sort of big picture thinking isn’t an everyday occurrence.

2.       I was lighter emotionally and energetically.

This meant I was walking lighter on the planet, not bringing things around me down and leaving less of a footprint. 

3.       I released the toxins that were of no use to me, but could be of use to the environment.

Instead of causing blockages, keeping me down and slowing the energy flow through my body, the toxins were given back to the earth where most of them could be utilised by mother nature.

4.       My lack of eating meant that I wasn’t consuming produce or creating waste.

This lessened my environmental footprint for the three days. No energy was required to make the products, no materials – natural and unnatural - were used in production, no packaging was needed and there was no transport necessary to get food to me. All up, that’s a bit of a saving!

5.       I felt great (by the end anyway. The first day, less so).

This meant that I was happier and able to lift those around me. I was able to help others feel good too.

The realisation of all of this acted as a good reminder that whatever we do, positive or negative, we have an impact on the world around us. That means every action we take has the potential to help or harm the planet. I pledge to stay more on the helping side! What about you?

Have you detoxed lately? What other benefits did you notice?