Earth Healing Christmas Gift Ideas

If you are anything like me, you probably have a whole heap of friends and family who want to do right by the environment. You want to buy them gifts that help the planet, rather than harm it, but they already have every eco-friendly product under the sun.

Luckily, there is a new wave of environmentalism going around – Earth Healing (yes, the very concept created by yours truly!). With it, comes a whole new range of gift possibilities. Earth healing gifts don’t just help people to reduce their impact on the environment, they take things a step further and help people to reverse their impact. I see them as giving back to the Earth for all the things we take from it on a daily basis.  

Here are my top eight Earth healing gift ideas this Christmas:

1.       Habitat boxes

You know all those trees that used to be on your friend or family’s land before some guy with a bulldozer knocked them over to make way for their house? Well, they were home to a whole heap of creatures, and once they were gone, the creatures had limited options of where to live (if they survived at all).

You can do something to turn things around for those creatures by gifting habitat boxes to your folk to install in their yard. You can create your own or buy them. A quick search of Google will show you how to build them, or give you hundreds of options of where to purchase them from.


2.       Native bee hives

We’ve all heard how much bees are in dire straits. Maybe you saw that movie with Jerry Seinfeld and realised that we all need to take some action? (Yeah, it was a shit movie, but it did bring the bee issue to light.) You can start supporting the native bee population by giving those on your Xmas gift list a native bee hive. The internet will show you how!

3.       Compost bins

I acknowledge that not everyone would appreciate a compost bin, but if they are the real deal about helping nature, they will dig it. Composting takes our food waste and turns it into nutrients for the Earth. You can buy them at hardware stores, green living outlets or online.

4.       Bird baths

Bird baths aren’t just for old ladies’ gardens anymore. They are a great way to invite beautiful wildlife into a space, and they a service to nature – something that humans aren’t always so good at. It's not just birds they help either - bees and other insects also benefit.

They come in all shapes and sizes and can really jazz up a yard! Of course, you can make them too (but perhaps leave that to the crafty people if you have the artistic ability of a three-year-old like me).


5.       Veggie boxes

Helping people to grow their own food helps them to become part of their very own food cycle in their homes. Not only does it give them greater appreciation for where their food comes from, it increases the amount of flora at their houses. Plus there’s all the benefits of reducing waste, reducing packaging, reducing transport and energy usage etc., which are all great for the environment.

6.       Crystals for the Earth

When you place crystals in the Earth and set the intention for them to heal a property, they do wonders! They raise the vibration of the place and make the area more welcoming to flora and fauna (not to mention the Elementals!). Best of all, Mother Earth loves the gesture.

Why not intuitively choose a crystal that you think is right for your giftee’s property? It’s such a unique and heart centered offering.


7.       Your time to help make a property more 'green'

Gifts don’t always have to be physical items. They can be acts of kindness too. You can offer to help someone restore the health of their land as a gift. One such way is to create a Wildlife Wonderland in their backyard.

The aim of the game is to provide as many different natural places for things to live. Plant new native trees, introduce rocks and leaf litter, strategically place a hollow log, build a pond. The more diverse the landscape, the greater number of living things can reside there.  

8.       'Earth Healing' the book

It would be weird to provide you with a list of earth healing gift ideas without including my book. It is after all, the ultimate guide to Earth healing! You can purchase it here.

Earth Healing book combo v1.jpg

Do you have any gift ideas that help the planet?