Dr Mahdi Mason was so liberating and inspiring in the way she spoke about ‘Mother Earth’. The way that she explains what we can do to give back in such simple ways has really made me see that I can make a difference. I love how she made me feel connected with the earth during her talk. I would love to listen to more of what Dr Mahdi has to say because she presents in such a way that empowers me to be the change and therefore empowering the others around me and hopefully teach the teen girls that I mentor that they to can be the change.
— Leah Castle, Youth Mentor at Sharing Our Unique Lives
I couldn’t believe the difference in the way my property felt after Mahdi did a property healing session. All of us started to feel better and sleep better as soon as it was done. She picked up on things I hadn’t even told her about! I would recommend her for anyone needing to give their house and land a big cleanse.
— Samantha Hopkins, Palm Beach QLD
It was an absolute pleasure working with Mahdi. She is a visionary in her field, and her work is vital for both our healing and that of the planet. Mahdi is a delightful, positive and passionate individual, one which we are blessed to now call a friend.
— Kristal Brown, The Holistic Project
The Power of You is a great read. With humour, anecdotes and keen insights, it reminds us what is important in life and how we have the power to influence it in a real and positive way. If you love nature, you will love this important and highly worthwhile book.
— Joanne Verikios, Author of Winning Horsemanship
‘The Power of You’ was an incredible read! It is honestly one of the best self-help books I have read.
— Katie Tymms, Soulful Living Collective Magazine
Mahdi lights up a room when she speaks. Her passion shines through her when she talks about nature and wildlife. She is engaging and impossible to ignore!
— Stephen Thompson, Maryborough QLD
In the ‘Power of You’ book, you will find beautiful knowledge of the universe. Let Mahdi guide you in empowering yourself, growing your essence and becoming a leader of change.
— Selina Seah, The Energy Alchemist
I had no idea I had so many negative things on my land which were impacting my life. Thank goodness there are people out there who can identify these things and do something to get rid of them. My life is all the better since having Mahdi do a land healing at my house.
— Michelle Smart, Oxenford QLD
If you’re looking for a simple guide to self-empowerment, happiness and making a real difference in the world, ‘The Power of You’ is a must read!
— Theresa Fitzgerald, International Author of 'Become Your Own Guru'
‘The Power of You’ will help you wake up and want to create a better world!
— Jeffrey Slayter, Best Sellin Author, Entrepreneur and International Speaker