My Top 5 Reasons to Travel to Mexico

Do you ever feel like you have a really deep connection with a certain place? I have a few but Mexico has got to be at the top of the list. I love everything about it. The food, the music, the jewellery, the art, the language, the scenery, and the list goes on! If it wasn’t for all the drug cartels and massacres, I would happily take up residence. (And I don’t think I’m being over dramatic there - once you see the number of armed guards and policemen on watch everywhere you go, you can’t help but question your own safety).

Here are my top five reasons to loving Mexico:

1.       Colour Baby!

Vibrant colours. Everywhere. On houses. On clothes. On furniture! Nothing is boring and modesty is limitless! Just bright, bold, exciting shades that uplift you. They make you feel happy, enthusiastic and ready to go out and have fun!

2.       Beaches.

White sandy beaches with turquoise blue water. Paradise. You will never get sick of the view. Sorry to be a downer here but I must warn you that many of the beaches are quite dangerous and not patrolled by life guards. Many tourists do not perceive the risk and drown. On the other hand, I could have just saved your life through my warning should you ever go to Mexico and contemplate swimming at the beach.  

3.       Salsa.

Yeah, there’s a genre of dance called Salsa and I’m pretty sure it’s great! But I am actually talking about a certain variety of food. As a vegetarian there aren’t too many places overseas where you can be sure of a good feed and tasty dishes. But in Mexico, there is always salsa, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. Fresh, juicy mixes of coriander, tomato, onion, rich spices and probably some other good stuffs that my very limited knowledge of food has caused me to be mindless of! Then, there’s all the yummy snacks to eat it with like corn chips and tortillas! Yum!

4.       Mayan and Aztec history.

Being a very spiritual person, I tend to love places with a rich history of ancient spiritual civilizations. And among all of them, I am probably drawn mostly to the Mayan and the Aztecs. The symmetry and shapes in their artwork appeal to me. The architecture of their sacred sites is also impressive. Especially the ones right near the beach like Tulum calls for much attention!

This is me and a friend in Tulum. Such a stunning place!

5.       Tequila everywhere!

I don’t even drink tequila, but when a particular shop offers a free shot to tempt you to come in and to take a look at what’s inside, Imma’ gonna do it! This marketing strategy is very common in the touristy parts of Mexico. I guess they realize that as they attract more shoppers into their stores by offering free tequila, they are more likely to make greater and better sales. Why? Coz drunk people like to buy things! Things that they do not really need or would rarely even use, like sombreros!

Have you been to Mexico? Did you love it as much as I did?