Earth Healing: Healing the Earth to heal ourselves

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Earth Healing: Healing the Earth to heal ourselves



The environment is our life source. It has supplied humans with everything we have needed to survive for tens of thousands of years. It has nurtured us, and now it is our turn to nurture it.

This book explains how modern society has forgotten the importance of giving back to the environment in order to keep it functioning properly. Also forgotten is our dependence on nature for the health of our minds, bodies and spirits. Such wisdom is well known in indigenous cultures, but sadly disremembered in Western civilisation.

Most people believe that reducing our impact on the environment through recycling, upcycling, using renewable energy sources and utilising re-usable products is enough to make our planet healthy again. They don’t realise that reducing our impact only slows the destruction of earth, it doesn’t reverse the damage we have done.

Given the current state of the environment, we can no longer focus on only reducing our impact. We need to go further than that and start giving back to nature. Doing so will ensure our survival for generations to come.

This book informs readers of the many simple and practical ways we can all start giving back to the environment on a daily basis - physically and metaphysically. It utilises the wisdom of our indigenous ancestors to encourage us all to start living in harmony with Mother Earth once again.

This is no average environmental management book. It is revolutionary in its approach to helping the natural world.

This book will inspire you to take action!

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